Sizzling Circuits! ‘Mega Man’ Is Next In Line For A Movie Adaptation.

The Mega Man franchise has spanned more than 50 games, selling about 30 million units, so of course Hollywood is looking for a way to adapt it as a movie now. The Tracking Board reports Chernin Entertainment and Fox have partnered to bring Mega Man to the big screen, although details are scarce. All we know right now is that Peter Chernin is producing, while the pair behind the recent Planet of the Apes movies (David Ready and Michael Finfer) will oversee the film along with Mike Ireland and Ryan Horrigan.

Mega Man follows the story of Dr. Light’s android lab assistant, “Rock Man” (also known as Mega Man), whom Dr. Light turned into a battle droid to fight the evil Dr. Wily after the bad doctor stole Light’s work and built an evil robot for world domination.

Will that plot make for a good movie in Fox’s hands?


If this development falls through, Mega Man fans can still hope the 26-episode animated series goes forward as planned for 2017, the same year Mega Man turns 30. Wait, that game came out 28 years ago? I need to load up an arm cannon with Fireball whisky and shoot it directly into my mouth.

(Via Tracking Board)