Mel Brooks, Jim Carrey And Many More Fans And Friends Pay Tribute To The Late, Great Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder has passed at the age of 83. We now know that the man who wrote, produced, directed and starred in some of Hollywood’s best films and enraptured millions of hearts was suffering from debilitating Alzheimer’s disease. The legendary performer touched the world with his satire and quirky sensibilities, and while the world mourns, so do his friends and the countless entertainers he inspired. They quote his words, they reflect on his actions and they pay tribute to his utter greatness in 140 characters or less.

We’ll start off with Gene’s friend, mentor, and director, Mel Brooks.

Richard Pryor’s daughter made a touching tribute as well.

It’s interesting to see Jim Carrey play tribute, but in retrospect, you can sense that his manic portrayals of madmen with hearts of gold took plenty of inspiration from Wilder.

As we know, the passing of Gene’s wife, Gilda Radner led to Gene doing countless great works for cancer awareness, but we can’t forget his love, Karen Boyer, who he met on the set of See No Evil, Hear No Evil.

But, of course, it must end with a Wonka meme. There’s really no other way…

Wait. One more tweet for good measure. RIP, Gene. Can we get a posthumous Twitter verification for Mr. Wilder?