Meryl Streep Got To Jam With Neil Young While Preparing For ‘Ricki And The Flash’

Meryl Streep got to learn how to rock from the best during her work on Ricki and The Flash, jamming out with Neil Young at the Jacob Burns Film Center. Neil clearly took a moment away from yelling at Donald Trump to teach the acting legend how to properly handle the guitar and what to do when someone hands you one by turning the entire set up as loud as it could go.

I would ask Young why all of his dials say 11 on them, but it is probably a bit too on the nose. Also it’d be more fun to try and get him to sign off on some sort of advertising campaign for Walmart or something. Just to hear him curse up a storm and attempt to throw me out of the room.

The real joy in this video comes from Streep’s delight at the whole thing. It’s like showing an older person how to use a new computer or taking a kid to the zoo. It’s an experience that brings some joy to your life. Good stuff.

(Via Jacob Burns Film Center)