Michael Bay Is Making A ‘Sci-Fun’ Movie About Trump Bankrupting The Country Called ‘Little America’

Is Michael Bay a Trump fan? It’s a valid question, as Trump and his children certainly love Bay’s movies, especially 13 Hours, despite Bay completely dropping the rah-rah shtick he’s known for. And it’s recently become a pressing question as well because Bay just signed on to fund a movie that’s about as critical of Trump as you can get.

The Hollywood Reporter just revealed Paramount has picked up a script called Little America from Rowan Athale. The basic premise is that a President who has no idea what he’s doing bankrupts America, forcing China to collect on its debt and unwillingly “buy” America. The title refers to a slum that American immigrants who’ve moved to China live in, and where our no-doubt bearded and be-abbed hero, a former American Force Recon soldier, must swoop in to save the daughter of a Chinese billionaire. It’s being compared to Escape From New York, and THR’s sources are very insistent that it’s a “sci-fun” movie.

We should note here that Bay’s taste for silly premises is still intact. What most people believe about US debt is the exact opposite of how all this actually works; if Trump bankrupted the US tomorrow, China would be screwed because they’ve been selling US debt to bail out their own economy. As a result, Japan would be at our doorstep, so really, come on, it’s not like Hollywood is so desperate they’re willing to remake Rising Sun. Well, yet, anyway.

Still, it is kind of telling that even a filmmaker whose work is 50% shots of waving American flags thinks there’s money in a “sci-fun” movie about America’s total economic collapse. Maybe hiding in New Zealand isn’t such a bad idea after all.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)