‘American Sniper’ Doesn’t Happen Without Me’: Michael Ian Black Talks ‘Breaking In’ Bradley Cooper

Michael Ian Black stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday night to talk to about the return of Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix. When asked if he was excited to return to his character 15 years later, Black says the character itself wasn’t as thrilling since literally the only reason for him to even be there is to have sex with Bradley Cooper.

If you’ll recall, when the original Wet Hot American Summer came out in 2001, the now Academy Award-nominated Bradley Cooper was a relative unknown with only a couple of television appearances under his belt. So if you think about it, you can kind of credit that sex scene with Michael Ian Black as the moment that kick-started his entire career; a point that is not lost on Black, who says: “Oh, I broke him in.” Literally and figuratively! At the very least, David O. Russell owes Michael Ian Black one hell of a fruit basket.