Michael Keaton Revealed The Moment He Realized He Wasn’t Going To Win An Oscar

Michael Keaton
stopped by Letterman earlier, obviously defeated after walking away from the Oscars empty-handed for his fantastic turn in Birdman. Some people didn’t enjoy it, but I thought it was just the right kind of crazy. Clearly, a member of the Academy agreed and told Keaton as much at the luncheon before the awards.

Anybody in their right mind would feel pretty good about such a compliment, which Keaton took as a sure indicator he was going to win. Then the man stopped him before he walked away and hit him with some hard truth:

“When it comes to winning an Academy Award, illness always wins.”

That’s gotta suck. At least he’s still Michael Keaton. Oscar nominee, Batman, Beetlejuice, and Mr. Mom. Also, Night Shift is a damn fine movie.

(Via The Late Show)