See Michael Keaton Pull A Batman And Confront A Heckler During A Pirates Game

06.07.15 4 years ago 13 Comments
Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves

Getty Image / Scott Cunningham

If you’ve ever needed proof that heckling at a ballgame will get you attention (good and bad), this is the story for you. It happened during Friday’s 10-8 Pirates victory over the Atlanta Braves when a few Braves fans started to heckle outfielder Andrew McCutchen and Michael Keaton stepped in for defense.

McCutchen could clearly hear what was being spewed from behind the dugout and seemed to use it to push onward, hitting an RBI double in the eighth inning and tossing a few gestures in the offending fan’s direction.

He then tossed his batting gloves to the heckling fan as a friendly parting gift and nod to the heckler. I’ve been in similar situations, but usually it’s curses and my friends are drunk, so this worked out a lot better.

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