The ‘R’ Rating Attached To Michael Moore’s New Film Has One Theater Chain Defying The MPAA

Michael Moore‘s upcoming documentary Where to Invade Next has been branded an R-rated offering by the MPAA. The filmmaker’s offered up his own guide for teens to sneak into the movie (which probably got an unlikely workout from Deadpool‘s debut), but one theater chain is cutting out the middleman in getting teens past the ominious Restricted rating.

The theaters in the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain will be adopting a modified policy for would-be viewers aged 17 or younger that won’t be attending with a parent, guardian or drifter they paid to pose as their uncle. The company says the film is too “important” to adhere by the MPAA’s ruling and will relax their policies to allow teens aged 15 and up to see the movie without supervision. Drafthouse founder/CEO Tim League announced this plan in an open letter addressed to “The Parents of America.”

We have important news at the Alamo Drafthouse. For the first time ever, we are relaxing our 18 and up age policy for one film: Where To Invade Next.

Why? We simply don’t believe Where To Invade Next should have received an R rating from the MPAA. We don’t want that rating and our own age policies to get in the way of teens and their parents seeing this film.

So, for the run of the Where To Invade Next we will allow teens age 15 and up on their own — yes, it’s that important.

League notes in the letter that he’s involved in the distribution of the Where To Invade Next, but stresses the message of the movie is more important than potential ticket sales. There’s also a helpful breakdown of what a parent might find objectionable so they know the flick’s not just wall-to-wall hardcore porn or anything like that.

(Via EW)