Michelle MacLaren’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Allegedly Would Have ‘Alienated Fandom’

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04.15.15 44 Comments
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I’ve come to the point where there’s a limit to how faithful I want my comic book movies to be to the source material, and how much I think movie studios should listen to nerds. Yeah, that’s heresy in some circles, but the truth is that some comics are just tough to make a movie out of unless you take a few liberties. That said, Michelle MacLaren might have been playing it a little too fast and loose with Wonder Woman if rumors are to be believed.

Badass Digest’s reports are maddeningly vague on the issue, but there are two tidbits of note: One, MacLaren and Warner Bros. were arguing over what time period to set Wonder Woman in, which lines up with some rather bizarre rumors floating around about the script. Two, Devin Faraci mentions this in passing:

More than that, MacLaren had some very particular visions for the film, visions that maybe would have alienated fandom. Although perhaps Diana having a tiger sidekick/pet she could talk with would have appealed to people more than I expect.

Okay, that’s… strange. Actually not outside DC Comics canon, believe it or not, but still, Wondy is not noted for her talking tiger buddy, and if that’s true, I can understand Warner Bros. being just a bit leery.

Still, now they have to find a female director for the movie, of which there are not many, and they have to find her fast, since the movie starts shooting in a few months. My bet, due to the timeframe and the need for a woman who won’t rock the boat, is that they bring back Jennifer Kent, director of the excellent The Babadook, and put her in charge. We’ll find out soon enough; one imagines Warner Bros. is already scrambling for a director.

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