The ‘Midnight Special’ Trailer Shows Off A Heartwarming Chase Movie

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If your kid’s eyes started glowing and he began showing special powers, what would you do? Michael Shannon’s answer is to go on the run with his kid. Although, to be fair, if you’re being chased by cultists, a government task force, and who knows what else, running away is just a good idea. That’s the basic plot of Midnight Special, and it looks great.

Midnight Special‘s director, Jeff Nichols, has mentioned that he wanted to make a throwback to ’80s sci-fi like Starman, and he seems to have pulled it off, at least in the look and feel. Nichols is best known for his small, unusual indie movies starring Michael Shannon like Take Shelter, a movie where Shannon plays a father who’s either seeing signs of the apocalypse or losing his mind. Nichols is one of those directors who quietly puts out a critically acclaimed body of work before having a massive breakthrough; if it’s not this movie, it’s likely going to be Loving, his period drama about an interracial couple fighting to have their marriage legally recognized.

That said, if you liked this trailer, you should probably see the movie opening weekend; Warner Bros. has scheduled it for March 18, pushing it back from a Thanksgiving release. Yes, they’re putting it out a week before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, their guaranteed monster hit/cinematic universe launcher. So, help out the little superhero first; his movie looks like a great ride.

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