Mila Kunis Can’t Seduce Channing Tatum In The Latest ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Clips

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02.02.15 8 Comments
Mila Kunis in Jupiter Ascending

Warner Bros.

Despite the fact that Sundance isn’t necessarily the ideal place for a studio to debut a sci-fi action film like Jupiter Ascending, people are really buying into Variety’s report that a small crowd at a private, unannounced screening didn’t like the latest offering from the Wachowskis. Specifically, one anonymous Sundance volunteer claimed to have “hated it,” and added that Jupiter Ascending was, in her opinion, “ridiculous,” while her husband offered this more vague review: “It’s a combination of a whole bunch of things wrapped into one.” Between Sundance and the film’s “relocation” from June to February, it’s just really hard to imagine that Jupiter Ascending won’t be a bomb.

Still, the promotional machine rolls forward with four new clips from the Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis space adventure, which opens Friday, and in the first one C-Tates is having a little problem with the advances of the supposed queen-in-waiting of Jupiter.

Next, we take a trip to a giant spaceship that Kunis now calls home, as she is welcomed by a smooth-talking alien and one of the members of Josie and the Pussycats…

Every good handsome alien badass who used to be an intergalactic male stripper needs a pep talk when it comes time to fly into the giant storm on Jupiter, and C-Tates is no different.

Oh hey, it’s a spoiler alert! Someone in a previous clip isn’t who he seems to be, so C-Tates the Elven Starfighter and Sean Bean must fly in to save her. Ten bucks says Bean becomes space dust. It’ll be worth the ticket price just to see if Bean’s character dies in yet another film.

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