The ‘Minecraft’ Movie Now Has A Release Date

Even in a world where a beloved toy line can not only come out with a movie, it can come out with one of the best movies of the year, the idea of beloved drudgery sim Minecraft getting a movie feels strange. What, precisely, will Rob McElhenney’s movie be about? Mining redstone. But we finally have a date for when we’ll find out, and it’s a rather plum one.

Rob McElhenney’s movie has been given May 25th, 2019 on the release schedule. Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional summer kick-off date for movies, and it’s prime territory for a family movie as well. The kids have a day off, the parents need something to do with them, and a good movie everybody can watch is usually a welcome balm to the Memorial Day blues. Interestingly, until today that date was promised to a Lego Movie spinoff, so we might be seeing a little competition between building toys.

Beyond that, though, McElhenney is a fascinating choice for a movie like this. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, while hardly kid-friendly, can be a shockingly creative dark comedy (so half of that works for the Minecraft crowd), and Warners clearly thinks hiring pro comedians to direct is the way to go with its family movies. That said, if a Minecraft version of Mac turns up, maybe hide the kids.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)