A Brief History Of All The Times Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ Stunts Blew Your Mind

It’s easy to look at big-budget action movies and shrug off the spectacle as merely the work of skilled computer animators, but there are still people who believe that they can make an audience hold their breath with unfathomable stunts.

As demonstrated in the below infographic and on-screen in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation (which is now available for digital download in advance of its Dec. 15 Blu-ray release), Tom Cruise is one of those people. An actor who throws himself into stunts that would make others wilt, Cruise hung onto the side of a plane that was traveling at 150 mph while, at times, rising 5,000 feet off the ground while filming Rogue Nation. He did this eight times. He did this after hanging onto a train that was traveling 200 mph and hanging 2,000 feet off a cliff in Mission: Impossible and Mission: Impossible II, respectively. Why? Maybe it’s adrenaline, or maybe it’s the desire to prove that, for some, human limitations are merely a suggestion. Whatever it is that drives Cruise to pull off these amazing stunts, the end result is astonishing and certainly not something that you should shrug off.

Full size here.