Monica Bellucci Is Proud To Be James Bond’s First Mature Woman Lover For ‘SPECTRE’

Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig
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At 50 years, Monica Bellucci is the oldest actress to ever take on the role of a Bond Girl, as she stars with Daniel Craig in the upcoming 24th James Bond film, SPECTRE. However, as she recently told the Sunday Times Style Magazine, Bellucci had to remind director Sam Mendes that she’s hardly the typical one night stand candidate that the MI6’s legendary gentleman spy has preferred for so many years. In fact, when he first approached her for a role in SPECTRE, she joked that she had to make sure that he didn’t want her to take over for the acting legend whose character met an unfortunate end in Skyfall.

“I just blurted out: I’m not a girl, I’m a woman, I’m a mature woman,” she said. “Do I have to replace Judi Dench?”

In all seriousness, Bellucci is praising Mendes for putting Bond in a relationship with a “mature woman,” even if Craig is only four years younger than her.

She told the magazine that the Bond director had laughed as she asked him: “’Why do you call me? I’m 50 years old. What am I going to do in James Bond?’

“He said, ‘For the first time in history, James Bond is going to have a story with a mature woman. The concept is revolutionary’.”

She added that she had told Mendes she believed he would be a “hero among women” for taking on an older actress, after deciding he wanted a woman of a similar age to Bond to play alongside him. (Via the Sunday Times/HuffPo)

Bellucci also told the Daily Mail that she is “so much more mature” than the many women that have played Bond girls before her, so she’d like “to be called a Bond woman or perhaps a Bond lady.” Now it’s time to really put her confidence and maturity to the test by casting the first ever 19-year old James Bond. His Aston Martin will be traded in for a used Nissan Altima, and his spy gadgets will include a list of reasons why he only lasted four seconds.

Now, for “Bond Lady” fans and people who generally like really good-looking people, here’s a shot of Craig and Bellucci together on the set last week…

Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci on the set of SPECTRE
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