Morgan Freeman Joins The Long List Of People Who Don’t Understand Snapchat

Morgan's first snapchat. History, kids. ??

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There was a study done last year that said young people love Snapchat while older Internet users prefer Facebook. Another study from 2013 said 43% of seniors aged 65 and older are on Facebook. Morgan Freeman proved both studies correct recently when he popped up on Snapchat, confused as hell.

The revered actor ventured away from his popular Facebook page and comically found his way on Complex producer Alex Hudgens’ Snapchat on Thursday. When Hudgens informed Morgan he was on the video messaging app and explained could say whatever the heck he wanted, Freeman made it clear he wanted no parts of the newfangled technology. “I just talk to it?,” asked the 70-year-old actor on how to properly Snapchat. “What do I say?” I don’t want to say anything to them.”

His birth certificate may say June 1, 1937, but we all know Morgan’s at least 249 years old. So he pretty much gets a pass for being (and choosing to be) a little behind on the latest technology. It sure as hell beats Jay Z, who’s so old that social media assumed he didn’t know what the hell a Snapchat was.

After Bey got America’s panties in a bunch at the Super Bowl, a 46-year-old Jay Z stopped to take a picture with Usher, except Usher was recording a Snapchat video. Usher said something inaudible to Jay and he responded, “I don’t even know what that means.” But, Jay Z is so damn old that social media figured Usher must’ve told the mogul he was recording a Snap. Get it? See, because Jay Z is old and doesn’t understand this new generation and their “Snapchat” and “Apple Music” and its Rwandan refugee fashions. Ha, old people are so old.

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