Weekend Conversation: What Hardcore Action Movie Do You Want To See A Sequel To?

04.08.16 3 years ago 16 Comments

Hardcore Henry promises to be the hardcoringest punchfest this side of the Kickpuncher series, even though that wasn’t real. Whether you see the first-person high intensity testosterone fest is up to you, but the release of the film got us thinking about our favorite hardcore action movies and the sequels we wish Hollywood would make.

The Rundown 2: We Walken

What? The Rundown is awesome. The Rock and Seann Williams Scott were a surprisingly good buddy comedy team. The movie itself tanked at the box office, but it’s become an action classic on home video as people have discovered that, hey, The Rock is pretty great. Especially with movies like Central Intelligence set to clean house, The Rundown deserves another shot.

Plus, come on, how can you reject my title?  –Dan Seitz

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