MoviePass Kills Its Annual Subscriptions In Its Latest Attempt To Survive

08.25.18 10 months ago 4 Comments


The MoviePass movie is going to be amazing. The latest random news on the once mighty, now falling (and falling, and falling) movie subscription giant is this: Those cheaper annual subscription packages? Not only can you no longer buy them, those who had them are being downgraded to monthly. Wheeee!

The news came Friday, in an e-mail to all MoviePass subscribers.

“We want to thank you for being a loyal member of our annual MoviePass plan,” the message read. “Your commitment to MoviePass has contributed to making our vision for an accessible and affordable moviegoing experience a reality. After experimenting with different models and options, we believe that our current monthly plan captures the need of our community — keeping prices low while continually striving to offer a wider selection of films.”

That means no monthly option, just the monthly plan that now lets subscribers see three moves a month, though which movies are available per day is constantly changing.

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