The Most Important Muggsy Bogues Film And Television Appearances

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You know Muggsy Bogues as the shortest player in NBA history — standing at 5’3″. You also know him as the man who taught you that anyone can dunk on an NBA hoop. I know him as the namesake of my childhood cat (RIP). But did you know that he was also appeared on SNL, in Space Jam, and on Curb Your Enthusiasm? To celebrate the legendary basketball player’s 50th birthday, here are five times he’s graced us with his acting talents…

Juwanna Mann as Himself

Now I can’t claim to have seen this film myself, but I can say that it has one hell of an all-star cast. Ginuwine, Lil’ Kim, and Tommy Davidson? That’s enough to make Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec lose their minds! And I’m guessing that a mid-movie cameo by Muggsy Bogues would only make things that much better.

SNL as Himself

Just look at that image. Yes, it really happened. That’s Muggsy Bogues on stage with Nirvana in 1993! And RuPaul is there, too. Bogues got in on some sketches himself, starring alongside Sir Charles Barkley and Al Franken.

Eddie as Himself

If you want to see Bogues in this film you’re going to have to wait until the very end, wherein the genuine person that is Muggsy Bogues arrives at Knicks game to defend Whoopi’s character.

Space Jam as Himself

It’s no secret that despite his size, Muggsy Bogues was one hell of an amazing basketball player. So when it came time for the Monstars to steal the talents from the NBA’s finest, Muggsy was of course among the players whose playing abilities were stolen.

Curb Your Enthusiasm as himself

Judging by Larry David’s reaction to Muggsy Bogues’ penis when the two have a brief encounter while peeing next to each other in a public restroom. The smallest basketball player in history may have had size on his side all these years without anyone knowing it. Kudos to you Muggsy Bogues!