Duncan Jones’ ‘Mute’ Is Somehow A Sequel To ‘Moon’

Duncan Jones, before delivering Source Code and most recently Warcraft, first came to attention with Moon, a clever SF film starring Sam Rockwell as the sole technician on a moon base holding some grave secrets. It turns out that Jones will be following up Moon, sort of, with Mute.

Mute follows the title character, a bartender who doesn’t speak, through a futuristic Berlin, hunting for his girlfriend. Along the way, two surgeons, one played by Paul Rudd, keep turning up. There’s more than a little Blade Runner to the movie’s aesthetic, but, as it takes place on Earth, well away from the moon, it’s not entirely clear how the two movies might tie together. Jones has hinted that Rockwell might turn up, so if you’re familiar with Moon, which has a twist we don’t want to spoil, that might be more meaningful than it sounds.

Either way, Jones returning to SF is a welcome thing. With movies like Passengers, Arrival, and Midnight Special, we’re seeing more filmmakers tackle serious SF lately, and it’s a welcome trend we hope keeps going. Just, hopefully, the remake craze doesn’t cross with this particular stream: The last thing we need is Michael Bay’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)

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