Natalie Portman Is The Jackie O We’ve Been Waiting For All Along

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12.16.15 2 Comments
Jackie O Natalie Portman

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A myriad of actresses have portrayed Jacqueline Kennedy Bouvier Onassis, from Jill Hennessey and Jaclyn Smith to Katie Holmes and Ginnifer Goodwin. Now, Natalie Portman steps into the powerful yet classy shoes (probably Chanel kitten heels) of one of the country’s most famous first ladies. For the upcoming biopic Jackie, about the four days after that tragic day in Dallas 1963, Portman will portray the grieving first lady in a way that audiences rarely get to see. Instead of being by the President’s side, this film will show Jackie as she traverses the terrain of suddenly being not only a widow but one of the most famous widows in the world.

As you can see from Deadline’s exclusive first photos, Portman fits the part well. She might not be the spitting image of Jackie O, but she embodies the poise and resilience the country got to see firsthand more than 40 years ago. It must help that Portman herself already has many of the same qualities. The posture, the demure elegance of a high-society woman, the look in her eyes that says she’s smarter than you and knows it. It’s a miracle that Portman hasn’t been given the chance to play a head of state or something along those lines already. Jackie doesn’t have an official release date yet, so in the meantime just anticipate the movie with these photos and let your imagination run wild as to how good Portman will be in the film.

(via Deadline)

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