Natalie Portman Is Out For Vengeance In The ‘Jane Got A Gun’ Trailer

Natalie Portman is not a woman to be trifled with when she gets her hands on that gun. After numerous production delays and cast changes, the official trailer for Jane Got a Gun has arrived online with less than two months to go before the film’s release next year. The trailer promises a bloody battle to the death as Portman’s titular Jane works with ex-lover Joel Edgerton to protect her family from Ewan McGregor and the posse of men out to get them.

Filled with gun battles and even a few explosions, the film looks more in the vein of the action-packed 3:10 to Yuma than the slow burn tension of last year’s cult favorite Bone Tomahawk. Edgerton teams up again with Warrior director Gavin O’Connor for this film, who replaced We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsey back when Jude Law originally filled McGregor’s role and Michael Fassbender was playing Edgerton’s part.

There’s no telling how the final film will differ from Ramsey’s original vision, but if Ant-Man proved anything, it’s that major director changes and troubled productions can still lead to a successful outcome, and this trailer looks like a mightily entertaining corker of a Western. Jane Got a Gun also stars Noah Emmerich and Rodrigo Santoro and will be released on Jan. 29, 2016.