Neil deGrasse Tyson Continued His Twitter Review Of ‘Interstellar’ By Focusing On The Film’s Mysteries

Many folks were itching to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson’s take on Interstellar after the movie hit theaters. There have been many critics of the science involved in the movie, but Tyson is the voice people wanted to hear in light of his views on other films in the past.

He began his impromptu Twitter “review” of Christopher Nolan’s newest film this past Monday, but he was far from finished. If you thought the original slate of Tweets were a bit positive, this time he comes with a look at the mysteries posed by the film.

I think he’s still speaking pretty highly of the film overall, and it’s always interesting to read these takes on movies, but you really have to listen to his final tweet from the other day regarding his opinions. He can’t ruin a movie, but he can make you think about it a bit more than normal.

Tyson also stopped by Business Insider to explain the ending of Interstellar to all of those who might’ve been left a little confused at how it all wrapped up. Spoiler alert obviously, but you probably aren’t too worried about it all when it comes to a movie like Interstellar. You’ve been warned though.

(Via Neil deGrasse Tyson / Business Insider)