Neil Patrick Harris Is Totally Cool With People Seeing His Penis In ‘Gone Girl’

Even if you haven’t read the book or made a trip to the theater to see David Fincher’s newest film, you‘ve probably still heard about that infamous side-peen scene in Gone Girl. Yes, Ben Affleck shows off his impressive package — at least, we think it’s impressive. (Thanks to the darkest lighting we’ve ever seen in a movie, we have no way of actually confirming the length, width, girth or anything else pertaining that certain appendage.) And while Affleck has been basking in the glory that undoubtedly comes with showing off your peter for the first time on-screen, we think it’s time to give another actor his fifteen minutes of full-frontal fame.

You see, while Affleck may have given audiences only profile peen, Neil Patrick Harris gave us everything, and according to The Daily Beast, he’s pretty pleased with himself about it:

Had I been able to film my scene in a nice steamy, warm shower, perhaps there would’ve been more to talk about. But in my particular circumstance there was a lot of blood flowingelsewhere.

The actor reiterated those sentiments to Vulture when he shared more about his cringe-worthy sex scene with Rosamund Pike:

[The scene] was super technical in the best possible way. David Fincher is so exacting. I loved no wait, I relished getting his approval on a scene that was incredibly precise.

Birthday suits aside, the scene in question is pretty gruesome to watch, just another reason NPH’s bare-all should definitely be getting as much, if not more attention than Affleck’s. But we guess we should just be thanking David Fincher for the herculean effort he put into the movie. Honestly, who else could’ve gotten both Barney Stinson and the future Bruce Wayne to drop their skivvies in the same film?