Neill Blomkamp Says ‘Alien 5’ Isn’t Going To Interfere With ‘Prometheus 2’

With Alien 5 just about ready to begin production, there’s one lingering question left to ask: What does a new Alien film mean for Ridley Scott and his Prometheus series? Because the two titles are set in the same universe, should we expect some kind of crossover? According to director Neill Blomkamp, that answer is no.

From Empire Online:

“I changed the one thing [Scott] felt was bumping Prometheus a little bit,” reveals Blomkamp. “One thing that makes me feel good about it is that Ridley is producing it. He likes the idea of what I want to make.”

In addition, the director also had this to say about the movie’s potential title:

“I sent the title I wanted to Ridley,” says Blomkamp. “It’s kinda quite bold, but it gives away too much if I say the title. But in the event that it doesn’t work, I’m dead in the water… “

It’s nice to know that Ridley Scott will have an active role in the development of the next Alien film. He clearly has a new found love for the series that has resulted in a newly cemented vision for what it can be. Whatever he nixed must have been pretty important to Prometheus, which means it probably had something to do with either the space jockey alien race or the new Xenomorph we saw a few years ago. Either way, it’s all very intriguing.

Source: Empire Online