Here’s Why 2016 Will Be A Glorious Year For Nerdy Offerings At The Movies

It’s a bit much to suggest that geeks have inherited the earth, but they sure have Hollywood bending to their will. Fare that one might peg as nerdy (comic books, sci-fi adventures, sh*t with capes in the wardrobe) doubles as the stuff that makes movie studios get hysterically giddy about potential box office juggernauts. Make no mistake, geek-friendly films continue to have Hollywood in its sweaty grip and 2016 looks to be a banner year for these sorts of motion pictures.

In a bid to crank expectations for 2016’s cinematic slate up another notch, we’ve assembled a flashy yet informative 90 second guide to why we consider this year to be “the best year yet for nerd movies.” By hitting play on the clip located above, you’ll get eight solid reasons why 2016 promises to be a special age for geeking out at the movies.

Simply put, we’re all ridiculously spoiled filmgoers. This is a year where we get Star Wars and Star Trek offerings sharing the same calendar with a bevy of superhero films that come in both Marvel and DC flavors. Will all of these movies deliver on their potential? Probably not. Will our expectations still be set to unreasonable levels as the assorted release dates march forward? You better believe it.

Did we miss a reason for nerdos to get worked up into a lather at the movies this year? Sound off in the comments.