Netflix Is Paying Twice As Much As What Was Originally Thought For Brad Pitt’s ‘War Machine’

brad pitt
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It was previously thought that Netflix was shelling out $30 million for David Michod and Brad Pitt’s adaptation of The Operators, but now comes word from the Hollywood Reporter that Netflix is paying $60 million for the satirical War Machine. Pitt’s Plan B production company originally had a deal set up with New Regency to make the film, but they wanted Plan B to lower the price of the $60 million tag. Plan B said “no way” and put the film up for grabs — Netflix took it.

Netflix spokesman Jonathan Friedland told THR, “David Michod and Brad Pitt are known for the fearless and exceptional intelligence of their work, which is why War Machine will be a great treat for Netflix audiences around the world.”

This is by far the most money that Netflix has sunk into one picture. Michod and Pitt begin filming this August with a release date set for 2016.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)