Jared Leto Finds Himself Amongst The Yakuza In The Bloody Trailer For His Netflix Thriller ‘The Outsider’

Actor, musician and alleged Suicide Squad cast irritant Jared Leto has found himself in a pickle. It seems he’s found himself serving the Yakuza as payment for his post World War II freedom. Happens to the best of us, Jare bear!

Leto stars as American soldier Nick Lowell in the first trailer for the Netflix crime thriller The Outsider. The first trailer has tumbled out into the world and promises a lot of violence and a buffet of atmospheric imagery alongside Leto’s journey as a man joining a crime family and all the complications that brings. (NSFW gunplay? You know it, dude.) The film is helmed by Land of Mine director Martin Zandvliet, although once upon a time The Outsider was set to star Tom Hardy and be a Takashi Miike picture. So a smidge different, one imagines.

“In life, sometimes we fight the current, and other times it’s important to flow the river,” says Leto in the promo.

It doesn’t look like things are go spectacularly for Leto in the trailer and that’s likely the point. The Outsider hits Netflix in all its bloody pageantry on March 9 and also features Tadanobu Asano, Rory Cochrane, Shiori Kutsuna, Emile Hirsch and Kippei Shiina in the cast.