You Can Now Binge-Watch All Your Favorite Netflix Shows In Virtual Reality

It’s been a big week for Netflix. First, the company announced that they know exactly what shows you’re hooked on and why, and now they’re bringing their streaming library to virtual reality. If you’re planning on getting a Samsung Gear VR (made by Oculus), you’ll soon be able to plug Netflix directly into your face and block out the rest of the world—just as nature intended.

Starting very soon, you’ll be able to download the Netflix app to your virtual reality machine and start streaming everything that’s been keeping you from your work and your friends in glorious 2D that makes it feel like you’re sitting in a movie theater. But don’t be too disappointed that the current offering isn’t in full 3D, Netflix and Oculus are working on that. And Netflix is only one of the new features unveiled today, which include movies from Lionsgate and more games than you can shake a stick at (with many more coming in the next year). Sounds totally worth it.

Of course, all this excitement comes at a price. Aside from the required membership with Netflix, you’re also going to need a virtual reality rig if you’re going to experience entertainment in a new way. But unlike other machines that cost hundreds of dollars, the Gear VR is meant for everyday people and will costs $99 when it comes out in November. (If you or someone you know’s got an Oculus proper, though, you can start watching Netflix now.)

I know it’s no jetpack, but, what a time to be alive!

(Via Oculus Blog h/t Time)