Netflix Has Released The First Trailer For The ‘How To Raise Your Dragon’ Series

Netflix is releasing another original series. This time, the company responsible for making you never want to leave your house is teasing their 13 episode sequel to How To Raise Your Dragon which, according to the preview, is going to feature a lot of Toothless.

Here’s the show’s description via Entertainment Weekly:

DreamWorks Animation’s Dragons: Race to the Edgefollows Hiccup and the Dragon Riders beyond the boundaries of Berk as they come upon an ancient artifact known as the Dragon Eye, which leads them to discover a slew of unknown dragons in new lands. The only hitch is a gang of marauding dragon hunters, who are also after the secrets and power of the Dragon Eye.

The series is aimed at children, but considering how well the movies have done, it’s likely a lot of adults will be binge-watching Hiccup’s adventures when all the episodes are released on June 26th.

(via The Daily Dot)

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