These ‘Batman’ Rumors Could Reveal The Caped Crusader’s Next Movie Villain

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Even though everything is in the infancy stages at the moment, and everything at this point can be considered nothing more than mere rumors, news is being released that one of the major players who will be making his appearance in the Batman solo film, is none other than The Red Hood, who is also known as Jason Todd. The same Jason Todd who met his end by the Joker, and a crowbar that the Clown Prince of Crime used to brutally kill Jason, in 1988’s “A Death in the Family” storyline.

Through the help of the Lazarus Pit, Jason was resurrected and took on the persona of The Red Hood, which happened to be a costume that that Joker used in one of his early capers before he became the nightmare of Gotham that everyone knows and fears. The Red Hood became a sort of anti-hero/vigilante, who is an extended part of the Batman family, even though the two characters find themselves opposed to one another.

Ben Affleck has mentioned that he is interested in directing a Batman film, which he is writing with Geoff Johns of DC. The story has been rumored to center around Jason Todd returning as Red Hood, and making people think Batman is a criminal, when it is really the work of the Red Hood. He leaves clues of who he truly is for Batman/Bruce Wayne to solve which culminates in a confrontation with Batman, Red Hood, and The Joker, who will serve as one of the two primary villains, along with Red Hood.

Where is Dick Grayson in all of this? According to rumors, he is supposed to already be Nightwing at this point, but the original Robin is set to make an appearance to help Batman in his conflict with the Red Hood and the Joker.

As the story is still in preliminary stages, things can certainly change, however, if you are anxious to see Batman and Nightwing versus The Red Hood, you may be getting your wish very soon.

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