The Full ‘Black Panther’ Trailer Is Finally Here

We’ve already seen Black Panther‘s teaser trailer. But now the full trailer is here, with a better look at Wakanda, T’Challa, and what he’s up to in Ryan Coogler’s upcoming superhero movie.

The trailer gets into the plot more, revealing that Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) is aiming to usurp the throne held by T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), which isn’t the biggest surprise. What’s more interesting is that the movie shows off a lot of what Coogler and his team are imagining for Wakanda, from its more humble living quarters to its elaborate crystalline palaces, and the movie’s design alone is breathtaking. Interestingly, aside from a brief appearance by Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross, and the return of Andy Serkis’ Klaw as a secondary bad guy, it seems this will mostly be its own thing, unless they dump Bucky out of his freezer.

And, of course, we see T’Challa apply kingly boot to henchman ass, ripping the wheels off of cars, running up the side of buildings in downtown Seoul, and generally doing all the cool superhero stuff we come to expect. That element looks like a hoot in of itself; Creed, Coogler’s last movie, showed he had a great facility for action scenes. Overall, this looks unlike any movie Marvel’s put in front of us before, and that’s very good news. We’ll see how it comes together February 16th.

(via Marvel)