A New Documentary Details How Ron Jeremy Came To God

Two years ago porn star and Guinness World Record-holder Ron Jeremy was rushed to the emergency room, sending most of the internet into a panic. Turns out he’d suffered an aortic dissection, a serious condition in which a tear develops in the wall of the aorta artery. Jeremy survived, according to his recent interview with the New York Post, he came out of the experience a changed man.

Jeremy’s life post-emergency room visit is the subject of the documentary Ron Jeremy, Life After the Buffet, which gets DVD and VOD releases on Tuesday. He discussed the project with the Post, especially that whole God part.

The crisis gave him new appreciation for life and made the observant Jew feel the Lord was “sending him a message.”

Most of the interview otherwise skirts Jeremy’s early life in Queens and his career in the pornography business. Still, the fact that ‘The Hedgehog” survived the aortic dissection and continues to be, erm, Ron Jeremy, must be a sign of God’s will and way in the world.

(Via New York Post)