We Might Be Getting ‘Frozen’-Themed PSAs About Climate Change Very Soon

Thanks to Frozen, parents, older siblings, and other adult relatives everywhere have learned to loathe the song “Let It Go” and everything it represents. Even if you don’t have any non-adult relations, you probably hate the song. Never fear, for the government is on the case:

Robert Papp, the State Department’s envoy for the Arctic, recent met with a Disney executive to discuss the idea of using Frozen‘s characters to teach children about the impact of a warming planet on the polar bear. (Via The Hill)

Wait, what? Papp hasn’t mentioned the song yet, but I worry about what his ideas might entail:

“I said, ‘You’ve taught an entire generation about the Arctic,'” Papp recalled telling the Disney official, speaking this week at a conference in Norway. “Unfortunately, the Arctic that you’ve taught them about is a fantasy kingdom in Norway, where everything is nice,” Papp said.

“And I said what we really need to do is educate the American youth about the plight of the polar bear, about the thawing tundra, about Alaskan villages that run the risk of falling into the sea because of the lack of sea ice protecting their shores,” Papp said. (Via The Hill)

I’m hopeful regarding the the “Let It Go”-less future of these potential PSAs, but considering the song’s wide appeal, Papp and his associates will probably use it. As long as they incorporate protesting polar bears, I’m willing to forgive them.

(Via The Hill)