A New Trailer For The Long-Delayed ‘New Mutants’ Movie Is Supposedly On The Way

The last time anything significant was said about The New Mutants, it seemed the film’s new owners over at Disney were “unimpressed” with the X-Men series spin-off and unsure of what to do with it. Which is a shame, because director Josh Boone’s horror film about a group of young mutants discovering their powers and figuring out how to use them — all while being trapped in some kind of mysterious and terrifying asylum-esque facility — sounded bonkers enough to be cool. According to Boone himself, however, it seems audiences may finally get to see his movie in theaters.

According to Collider, Boone hinted as much in a response to a comment on an unrelated Instagram post. Asked by a rather eager fan if a new trailer would be debuting anytime soon, the director responded, “Soooooon. January.”

Since this information is coming directly from Boone and not from Disney or the remnants of 20th Century Fox that were subsumed by the entertainment conglomerate, it’s impossible to know if this is actually going to happen. Nor, for that matter, does the arrival of a new trailer next month mean that The New Mutants will actually be in theaters in time for its pre-delays release date of April 3, 2020.

(For the record, the film’s initial release date was April 2018.)

(Via Collider)