‘Captain America: Civil War,’ ‘Fuller House’ Season 2, And More Are Coming To Netflix In December 2016

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The viral story about the teenager who mistakenly received a text message about another family’s Thanksgiving dinner, but was invited anyways, has yet to reach its beautiful conclusion. But here we are, discussing the latest batch of new film and television titles that will be available to stream this December on Netflix. Not that we’re complaining, especially since Christmas Day will present cord-cutters with perhaps the greatest gift of all — unlimited access to Captain America: Civil War, the first of many promised Marvel Studios titles to feature on the streaming platform. It’s by far one of the most prominent additions to Netflix’s library during the final 31 days of 2016, but considering the array of favored classics and new originals accompanying Steve Rogers, it’s not the only one.

Captain America: Civil War (12/25)

Netflix’s original Marvel series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and several animated movies and shows have long found a comfortable home on the streaming service. The Marvel Studios films that helped launched the comic book brand’s new empire, however, have yet to grace its library. All of this changes on Sunday, December 25 when families across America will find themselves in a predicament. That’s when Captain America: Civil War will be available to stream. Other Marvel Studios and Disney films are sure to follow, according to the deal made public in September, but it seems fans will have to subsist on repeat viewings of Civil War for the time being.

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