Newt Gingrich Has Some Interesting Ideas For Will Ferrell’s Canceled ‘Reagan’ Biopic

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Former Speaker of the House and failed presidential candidate Newt Gingrich looks like he wants to get into the movie business. He’s done such a good job in politics, developing and green-lighting movies should be an absolute breeze for ol’ Newt.

Gingrich is definitely on board with Will Ferrell’s decision to drop out of a movie about Ronald Reagan, telling Variety, “I’m delighted that Ferrell had the good sense to figure out this is a dead loser.” Prior to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington on Saturday night, he said he hoped “the people who want to do the movie just drop it.”

Gingrich, who voiced his disapproval for the project last week by tweeting an open letter from Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis that decried the movie, also wanted folks to know that he even has the chops to be a Hollywood agent: “I like Will Ferrell. I think he is a very funny guy, but I think this would have been an absolute disaster for his career.” Hopefully, Ferrell was listening and fired his representation immediately so he can hire Newt.

Since he was on a roll, Gingrich then proceeded to describe how a movie about Reagan really could work, but only if it was like The Notebook, the 2004 tear-jerker that he’s “probably seen seven times.” He also confessed, “I’m almost crying talking to you about it. It is so real.” That’s it, let those feelings flow, Newt:

“Nancy has the really complicated role. She talked to me about this one time. He looks totally normal but he is not there, and she is having to go through the whole process — they are building the library, they are trying to make sure they are preserving his legacy, and she is really at the intersection. Ronnie is not.”

Oh, and don’t worry. As if it hadn’t already been made crystal clear, Gingrich volunteered to consult whenever it is that Hollywood decides to run with his idea, saying, “That is the type of movie I’d be honored to be a part of.” No word on whether anyone asked him what he’d try to improve on from Batman v Superman in Justice League.

(Via Variety)