Nick Kroll’s PubLIZity Offers Seth Rogen And James Franco Advice On ‘The Interview’

Perhaps the most awkward part about the cancelation of The Interview, the $44 million comedy that had Seth Rogen and James Franco trying to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, is the fact that commercials for the film’s release were still airing last night. As updates were breaking every other minute, I saw at least 10 commercials on TBS in two hours, and that must have had the Friends/Seinfeld rerun fans really confused. And lost in all of this nonsense is this hilarious cross-promotional clip that combines The Interview and Comedy Central’s Kroll Show into one homoerotic mess of fun.

In it, Rogen and Franco reach out to PubLIZity to ask Liz for her advice on how to market their new film. Obviously, this was released before yesterday’s big announcement, but it’s worth sharing, because it finally gives us a glimpse of what it looks like when Rogen and Franco begin one of their wonderfully filthy orgies. You know they have them.