Nicolas Cage’s ‘Mandy’ Is Heading For The Horror Streaming Service Shudder

10.17.18 9 months ago

RLJE Films

It’s rare that today’s movie watchers actually demand to see a movie in a movie theater rather than just wait for it to hit streaming. But that’s what’s happening with Mandy, the totally bonkers new Nicolas Cage movie in which he plays a metal battle axe-wielding widower out for vengeance against the mystical cult that killed his wife (Andrea Riseborough). And yet this news is still big: When it hits the streaming part of its life, it will live exclusively on the horror service Shudder.

Shudder — which houses a wide range of classics, cult favorites, exclusives (like Rob Zombie’s 31), and original programming — announced the news today on Twitter, and on its site itself, with the words “Coming Soon.”

There’s no word yet on what “soon” means, especially as Mandy not only continues to do well in limited release but has, as per the afore-linked Business Insider article, inspired fans — even those who’ve already rented or bought it on iTunes — to demand local theaters book it.

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