Nicolas Cage Wants Folks To Know He’s Not Over The Top: ‘I Design Where The Top Is’

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09.12.17 3 Comments

If you needed proof for why we devoted an entire week to Nicolas Cage, look no further than this interview with Variety supporting Mom And Dad at TIFF 2017. The former dinosaur skull owner was exactly the guy you expect him to be during this chat, fully capturing the notion that he’s a “force of nature” when it comes to acting — a term he doesn’t really mesh with as you’ll see.

Sitting with co-stars Selma Blair, Anne Winters, and director Brian Taylor, Cage seems to control the interview without actually trying to do so. That’s no criticism and actually just seems like the natural order of things. The actor compares Taylor and himself to Kurosawa and Mifune after having worked together on Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. He then gives a classic response to the idea of going “over the top” in a scene:

“You show me where the top is, and I’ll let you know whether I’m over it or not, all right? I design where the top is”

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