‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Gets A Very Musical Honest Trailer

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved holiday classic, although just which holiday is a source of perpetual argument among fans. Its timeless songs, gorgeous animation, and message that it’s OK to be a scary weirdo gleefully warped a generation of fans. But as Honest Trailers points out, by getting into the spirit of the holidays with a few song parodies, it has some cultural crimes to account for.

Yes, Honest Trailers gets musical in this go-round, turning “What’s This?” into a musing on the movie’s whipsaw tone and “This Is Halloween” into “Hot Topic,” making fun of Disney’s relentless merchandising of a movie that was a deeply personal story in an era of big splashy Broadway-esque animated musicals. The Mouse always wins, Mr. Burton. The Mouse always wins.

They also point out some of the movie’s quirks along the way, like the fact that Sally and Jack are staggeringly unhealthy role models for a relationship with an equally unhealthy love story, or the fact that Sally is, uh, unusually comfortable with poisoning people. Or the movie’s message that being dissatisfied with your life and deciding to try something new will end inevitably in painful disaster before you accept your unchanging role in the natural order of things. Stay in your lane, kids.

(via YouTube