‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ Is Getting Another Reboot

Back in 2010, Michael Bay decided to work his alleged magic on A Nightmare On Elm Street. It was mostly a nightmare for fans who didn’t want to see it rebooted. But like all nightmares involving Freddy, it looks like this one isn’t over yet.

According to a rumor posted by Tracking Board, New Line is putting Freddy back into the mix with a new take on the story. The good news is that the basics will stay in place: Freddy will still be sneaking into the dreams of teenagers and killing them in gory fashion. It’s just that nobody from the first shot at a reboot will be coming back, which is kind of a shame since Jackie Earl Haley was a solid Krueger.

Don’t expect to see Freddy back soon, though; currently the reboot only has a writer, Orphan‘s David Leslie Johnson. Johnson’s also salvaging Dungeons and Dragons, so it’s safe to say that this is a specialty of his. But as horror movies tend to make money, don’t expect Freddy to be out of play for long.

(Via Tracking Board)