Watch The Stirring Trailer For Netflix’s Nina Simone Documentary

“As fragile as she was strong. As vulnerable as she was dynamic. Most people are afraid to be as honest as she lived.”

The Netflix documentary What Happened, Miss Simone? promises to be as complex and evocative as its subject, the legendary singer Nina Simone. The North Carolina native was a lightning rod, both as a spokesperson for civil rights and as a defender of art’s impact on the social structure. Her outspokenness and rustic timbre gained her as many followers as it inspired malicious detractors. Simone, nevertheless, stands as a powerful figure in music and American culture, with this documentary daring to consider her anew as the conventions that once stifled her have now shifted in drastic ways.

Watch the trailer for an inside look at one of our most misunderstood and lasting soul music icons. The film hits Netflix on June 26.