The Theatrical Release Of ‘Montage Of Heck’ Will Feature An Unreleased Kurt Cobain Song

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When Brett Morgen’s Kurt Cobain documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, debuted on HBO, it went through the traditional ringer that movies go through. First came the critical acclaim, and then the discussion of exactly how “true” it was. For those who don’t have HBO, or for those who want to see this movie on the big screen, Montage of Heck is heading to theaters soon. And as a bonus, Billboard reports, Morgen says an unreleased Cobain song will be featured in the version for theaters.

In the process of making the documentary, Morgen found a bunch of unreleased Cobain songs, including the one debuting in theaters, which is untitled and has not been heard before by the general public. The song was reportedly recorded in 1991, and features some falsetto singing from Cobain. The movie is being released in 50 or 100 markets on August 7. They are not saying where the new song appears in the film, to try and discourage people from bootlegging the song. Of course, once people can head into the theater and throw up their phone and record it, those dreams of a bootleg free world will go up in smoke.

All this being said, new songs from Cobain are a hot commodity among Nirvana fans, and this will be a chance to hear a song that’s been buried for almost 25 years.

(Via Billboard, h/t Pitchfork)