No One Cares About The Poor Little Piggy In The Latest ‘Jurassic World’ Clip

The closer we get to the June 12 release date of Jurassic World, the more Universal and Legendary Pictures’ marketing departments will try to spoil the film’s entire plot via featurettes and clips. Case in point, the above clip from CBR Trailers. The Reddit post dubbed it “Piggy,” whereas the YouTube clip calls it “Raptor Squad.”

So let’s get to the real meat of what’s happening here — we’re seeing Chris Pratt‘s character Owen Grady put his velociraptor-wrangling skills to the test. Sure, they seem to work, and yes, the dumb kid who fell into the pen is saved. But nobody seems to care about the poor little piggy who was snatched up at the beginning. Sure raptors “gotta eat,” but they eat everything raw — they’ll never know the loving warmth of crispy bacon.

(Via CBR Trailers)