Don’t Expect To See Noomi Rapace’s ‘Prometheus’ Character In ‘Alien: Covenant’

If you’ve seen Prometheus, you’d likely agree that the Alien prequel’s most exciting, unnerving sequence came when star Noomi Rapace took to removing that alien fetus from her body with insanely bloody results. It was a cringeworthy spectacle.

Rapace, star of the original The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, was such a bad ass in that scene and in Prometheus as a whole that it’s really a shame to learn that director Ridley Scott is now on record as saying her Dr. Elizabeth Shaw will not return for Alien: Covenant — the sequel to Prometheus and another prequel to the original 1979 sci-fi/horror classic. Scott said that casting is currently underway according to Screen Crush, and Rapace is not on the list:

When asked whether the Swedish beauty would reprise her role, Ridley declared “no” and added to the Daily Mail newspaper: “We’re still casting the main roles.”

We do know that Michael Fassbender will reprise his role as synthetic android David. And Katherine Waterston, late of Inherent Vice and Fassbender’s co-star in Steve Jobs, will appear as well. This brings us a lot of questions for what to expect about the newer films, particularly how much Prometheus even matters. Aside from David and the Engineers, not much is surviving from the initial film.

Alien: Covenant is set to be part of a new trilogy of Alien flicks and will begin shooting this spring with its eyes on a 2017 theatrical release. It sounds like it’s going to be more in line with the original Alien flicks, but it would it be even cooler if Rapace was still on board to connect the whole mess together.

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