N.W.A.’s Music Isn’t As Edgy As ‘Conan’ Remembered It

Straight Outta Compton pretty much owned the box office this past weekend. The N.W.A. biopic has found new and old fans alike revisiting the classics that put the gangsta rap group on the map. Tracks like “Dopeman,” “Gangsta Gangsta,” and the groundbreaking “F*ck tha Police” still hold relevance and power to this day.

After Ice Cube and son scowled it up on Conan last week, the intrepid host did some digging of his own and came to the conclusion that some of the reality raps from the past really aren’t as edgy as he remembers them. The above video is a prime example of how three decades can really water down some classic street hits.

But that Fresca, man. That right there is some yummy bubbly hardcore sh*t for your tummy, son!

(Via Team Coco)