‘Snowden’ Director Oliver Stone Recommends Turning Your Cell Phones Off Forever

Oliver Stone is, if anything, an intense man who believes in the serious issues addressed in his films. Sure, we might think he’s a little out of his mind sometimes, because he seems to live inside a massive tinfoil hat, but we have to at least give the guy credit for being passionate. After all, not every director can sit in front of a crowd at Comic-Con and say with a straight face that Pokémon Go, the app game that has taken the world’s cell phones by storm, is leading us to totalitarianism and that this “new level of invasion” could also result in “a robot society.” Hell, he’s simply our crazy uncle who sends InfoWars emails from his Earthlink email account.

Now, ahead of the Sept. 16 release of his latest conspiracy-driven film Snowden, Stone is sucking the fun out of our love of cat videos in this PSA. While our local theaters settle for that obnoxious ringtone video before the previews begin, Stone is getting way more serious and intense about why we need to shut off our phones, not only while we’re watching Snowden, but also forever. “The information that you’ve put out into the world voluntarily is enough to burn your life… to the ground,” he says in a tone so dooming that it’ll make you fumble with your iPhone 6 while trying to delete your browser history. Better listen to Uncle Stone, sheeple.