Olivia Wilde Was Deemed Too ‘Old’ To Play Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wife

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Welcome to Hollywood, land of dreams and rampant sexism. It’s a topic Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence have discussed at length, and Olivia Wilde hinted at when she told Cinema Blend that underwritten “women can become these ultimate goddesses of perfection” in Marvel superhero movies.

Wilde continued to subtly call out big-screen misogyny on yesterday’s The Howard Stern Show, where the Vinyl star revealed the “translated” way she was told she was too old to play Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife.

The funniest thing I heard recently was I had heard for a part that I was too sophisticated. And I was like, Oh, that sounds nice. I like that feedback. I didn’t get the part, but I’m a very sophisticated person. And then I found out later that they actually said “old.” I want to make a translation sheet for Hollywood that’s all the feedback your agents give you and what it really means… I did not [have to audition for Vinyl], because I had auditioned unsuccessfully for Wolf of Wall Street — that’s the one I was too old for. (Via)

She was 28 years old at the time.

In less depressing news, Wilde explained how she and her husband, Jason Sudeikis, met. It’s gosh darn adorable.

I remember I was on the dance floor [at an SNL afterparty] and everybody was dancing around me and they just seemed really happy and I was just kinda standing there… He came up to me and said, “You know, whatever you’re looking for, you don’t need it,” and he just walked away… He played it really cool. When he got my number he didn’t text me for a month. I was on the hook. I was like, You guys, did Jason Sudeikis die? Because I don’t have any texts… It was kinda sweet. He literally didn’t kiss me until the fourth date, and I was like completely head over heels. (Via)

At least the part of “Jason Sudeikis’ wife” didn’t go to Margot Robbie.

(Via Vulture)

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