Apparently No One Invited The Original ‘Power Rangers’ To Cameo In The New Film

If you were expecting to see a nod to the original Power Rangers series that started it all in the new film series — at least here on the western side of the world — you might want to lower your expectations. According to original Black Ranger Walter Jones, the original cast hasn’t even been asked about a possible cameo.

Jones sat for a chat with the Audibly Exquisite podcast and revealed that the new production hasn’t reached out to the original cast for anything, opting to keep nostalgia to a minimum, it would seem:

It’s not likely. Unfortunately, we were not invited to be part of the film, which is confusing to me, but I’m excited about the film nevertheless.

As Screen Crush reports, the appearance of the original cast isn’t a make or break situation for the film. Lionsgate might be banking on the title itself to truly sell the film and its multiple sequels, creating a new lore for newer fans to grab onto. But ignoring the past and the core group of fans that seem to keep the series alive doesn’t sit as a good idea for many.

You can listen in for more details in the podcast below, the Walter Jones interview begins near the 56 minute mark. He gives a few thoughts on the original show, his fighting form, and his excitement on the new movie.

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(Via Audibly Exquisite / Screen Crush)