In Honor Of #Envelopegate, We Rank Oscar Conspiracy Theories By Credibility

02.27.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

Last night’s Oscars error has already spawned conspiracy theories, some goofy, some more serious. But this is hardly the first time the Oscars have been the target of conspiracy theories. Here, ranked by credibility, are a handful of them.

Scientology Derailed Going Clear‘s Nomination

Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear looked closely at the history of Scientology, how it uses celebrities to draw followers and play down its scandals, and interviewed ex-members who’d been abused. Needless to say, the Church of Scientology, famous for being vindictive and free with lawsuits, fought Gibney’s documentary tooth and nail right down to the release, dumping smear videos on the internet and essentially confirming the film’s central thesis. And that’s led some to believe that Going Clear, which made the shortlist for Best Documentary Feature but didn’t get nominated, was the victim of Scientology behind the scenes.

Is It Credible?: It’s certainly possible. While nothing’s ever been proved, and it’s unlikely it ever will be, Scientology, which is famously well ensconced in Hollywood, would have certainly wanted to stop the positive buzz and higher viewership an Oscar nomination would have gotten the movie.

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